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Private Jet Hire 2021

If you are a VIP, why not travel like one? Conventional airlines don’t offer the privacy, convenience or sheer luxury that VIPs need in order to maintain their lifestyles. That’s why we designed this site to help you find the best private jet charter hire for virtually any destination in the world. Whether you’re flying from a world capital or a small island resort, our comprehensive listings will enable you to locate a world-class chartered jet service suited to specific VIP tastes.

Cuisine & Comfort

One of the benefits of booking a chartered jet is being able to eat exactly what you want, when you want. Depending on the individual chartered jet provider, special chefs can be hired or added to the crew roster. In some cases, the jet comes with a chef who can serve a specific menu in-flight. There’s no need to choose between uninspiring tin-foil wrapped concoctions. A VIP can have a dining experience that rivals the finest restaurants based on land. Everything from the beverages right down to the lighting in the passenger cabin can be tailored exactly the way you want it.


The privacy of a jet doesn’t compromise its security. Regardless of what chartered jet service you select, all crew members are trained professionals who will guarantee your safety from tarmac to tarmac. All jets are fully equipped with safety equipment in case of an emergency. All pre-boarding security procedures are performed with a quiet, non-invasive efficiency, allowing you to relax and enjoy the flight.

Jet Sizes

VIPs frequently have an entourage. Those who are booking VIP flights should have a firm number of passengers in mind before committing to a particular jet. Jets range in size from only 5 seats to roughly 16 seats, depending both on the provider and the destination.

Private Jets Hire

Legendary stag and hen parties don’t have to wait until they arrive at their destination to start having a ball. Some events benefit from having their own jet. As a party planner, you may wish to consider the possibility of hiring a private jet to escort your friends and loved ones to the party that they will be talking about for the rest of their lives. This site will help you find incredible deals with a variety of air charter providers.

Saving Money While Having a Great Time

Air charter services offer party planners an opportunity to create a great atmosphere while keeping their overall costs relatively low. Booking 100 separate tickets on a major airliner is costly. Booking a private jet with a passenger roster of 100 seats may actually be a great way to save money while starting the party early. There are several ways that privately arranged air travel can be competitive with major airlines. Many private jets have “empty legs,” or return journeys that have no passengers but a full flight crew. Savvy party planners can take advantage of these empty legs, benefiting both their party and their overall budget.

Highly Trained Personnel

Those who hire a private jet can also specify the atmosphere of the flight. Whether you want to feature a special menu, party favors or some other specific event, your air charter account manager will be able to help you plan the perfect flight. There’s no better way to kick-off a memorable hen or stag party than by creating a mood during the flight itself. All personnel on private jets have not only been trained in proper security and flight procedures, but also in the art of creating the ideal conditions for private travel. Talk to a service representative for more details.

Hire a Private Jet

What are the benefits of hiring a private jet? Many people automatically assume that private air charter is more expensive than buying seats on a traditional airliner. The truth is that chartering a jet can frequently cut down on other travel-related costs such as accommodation and meals. Because air charter customers are able to choose the schedule, destination and number of passengers, they can frequently save time on regional or even continental business trips by flying in and out on the same day. If you choose to hire a private jet to fly out a large group for a business conference, the costs may be virtually identical to that of a traditional aircraft, minus the hassles of an airport.

As with any service or product, the way to get the best deal is to compare prices. This site allows you to quickly determine the best rates for hiring a private jet from a vetted list of chartered jet providers. However, before hiring a jet, you should be familiar with some basic terminology.

What Types of Jets Are Available?

Private jets come in a variety of sizes, from small business jets to long range jets. You should hire a jet based not only on how many people it seats, but also for the distance which you plan to travel. A 5-seat jet may be perfect for travel between small regional airports, while a 16-seat jet may be the best choice for a longer-range journey. Mid-size jets, which usually seat between 7 and 10 people, are often equipped to fly transatlantic journeys. In each case, the representatives of each charter service can help you choose the best aircraft for your needs. The price of each flight will be determined in part by the availability of your chosen jet, the flightpath and your schedule.

Private Jet

Are you responsible for organizing travel for a VIP, a special event, or particularly sensitive cargo? This site will help you find the best rates on private aviation from over 30 different companies. We can help you find flights for:

• Film Shoots
• VIP Transport
• Executive Travel
• Group Events/Conference Travel
• Weddings
• Parties

Even better, once you’ve found a provider you can relate the details of your itinerary to them and let them handle the logistics. You don’t have to worry about arranging every last visa or crew roster. Most of these air charter providers will automatically handle the nuances of private transportation for you. All you have to do is create a passenger list, a desired departure time, and a destination. The rest is up to the air charter service.

Special Services

Depending on the aircraft you hire and your particular travel itinerary, special services are included with each chartered flight. Many VIPs have special dietary needs or require certain personnel to travel with them. Our network of air charter providers can help you arrange the exact conditions for an ideal flight. We understand how to create a luxurious and refined atmosphere.

In other instances, travel to different countries or regions requires specialised paperwork or preparatory measures. Again, depending on the specific provider, all of these issues will be handled for you.

Also, our providers also understand that VIP travel frequently changes plans and locales. Our service providers will work with you to ensure the smoothest possible service regardless of what last-minute challenges may come your way.

Virtually Unlimited Destinations

With over 1,000,000 destinations worldwide, the globe is your oyster. Pick a place and we can help you get there in style without spending a fortune. Private jet charter is for those who enjoy the journey, not just the destination.