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Helicopter Hire 2021

Is there anything more majestic than flying in over a city in your very own chartered helicopter? Unlike a traditional plane, a helicopter can go literally anywhere, from a land-based tarmac to the roof of a downtown penthouse suite. Sometimes, ordinary transportation simply won’t meet your needs. Chartering a helicopter can help you get where you need to go with a minimum of fuss.

We have organised this site to provide you with an overview of available helicopter chartering services. Whether you are working for a film crew or a corporate office, we can help you find the ideal helicopter for your needs. Several chartering services can arrange for special night service.

What Do I Need To Know Before Booking?

Generally, there are two major divisions in terms of engines when it comes to helicopters: the small turbine variety and the larger twin-engine helicopters. While you do not necessarily need to specify which engine you would prefer, it is important to note that rates for chartering helicopters may be determined in part by the size and power of the engine.

What you should know in advance is the purpose of the trip. A helicopter rented for filming purposes, for example, may need a clear panel in the bottom of the craft. A helicopter chartered for the transport of armed personnel may require additional storage or other security features. You should also have a firm roster of passengers in order to book an adequately sized helicopter. Because of space constraints, last-minute additions can be difficult to accommodate.

It’s important to know exactly where you plan to go. Different helicopters contain different amounts of fuel, but a planned itinerary is always helpful in keeping costs low. While last-minute changes are not unheard of, they may alter the initial quoted price.

Private Helicopter

The roads are impassable, the conventional airlines are booked solid, and the nearest train station is not nearly close enough. Have you considered hiring a helicopter? Unlike an ordinary plane, a helicopter can fly door to door, or from one penthouse landing strip to another. You can simply hop aboard and get on your way. There’s no need for long security lines or tedious check-in procedures. A helicopter is the best way to get anywhere when your time is precious.

For those VIPs, busy professionals, sports figures, artists and others who may need the services of a helicopter, finding a service provider is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is use our site to compare rates from over 30 air charter companies.

When hiring a helicopter, it’s important to understand that different helicopters are designed for different purposes. Although many VIPs prefer to hire helicopters in order to quickly travel between two points, other helicopters are hired for film shoots, special government/official travel, or other specialised transportation needs. Helicopters usually seat between 3 and 9 people. When browsing rates, please keep in mind that certain journeys may cost more based on both the number of passengers and the total distance of the flight plan. If you wish to transport certain fragile materials or goods, please make sure to advise your service provider.

Helicopter hire can be a wonderful treat for those who have never had the time for aerial sightseeing. Helicopter tours of various cities, landmarks and natural sights can also be arranged. Speak to the account manager of your chosen air charter provider for more information about arranging a special tour. Remember: helicopters enable you to see the world from an entirely different vantage point than any other form of air travel. Take advantage of these rates while they last.

Hire a Helicopter

From a cosy cabin of 3 to ample seating for 9 passengers, helicopter hire enables you to travel in style with your trusted associates. Our site has been designed to enable you to browse all available listings for private helicopter transport across the UK. You can find exactly the kind of airborne transportation you need at the price you can afford. Whether you need a daytime aerial filming shoot or a secret night time operation, the vetted air charter service providers can help you find what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice.


In some cases, arranging a luxury helicopter ride isn’t just about simply getting from Point A to Point B. Riding in a helicopter can be one of the most enjoyable ways to take in the scenery of a locality, whether it’s fresh whitecaps on a pristine beach or the overview of a pulsing metropolis. A luxury helicopter ride can be a great gift to someone who loves to take in the sights. Special guided tours can be arranged depending on the particular air charter service provider.


Unlike larger aircraft, helicopters can take-off and land from virtually anywhere, making it easy to get exactly where you need to go in a minimal amount of time. Many city buildings have special landing pads specifically for helicopter traffic. For the busy professional who needs to get from meeting to meeting as quickly as possible, helicopter transport can be a wonderful way to beat the traffic while taking in the view.


When browsing through our listings, be sure to have an idea of how many people will be traveling on the helicopter as well as the specific purpose of the trip. Different helicopters are best suited for different types of journeys and are priced accordingly.