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What do you give the person who has everything? How about a ride in a private chartered jet?

You’d be surprised how luxurious yet affordable a ride in a privately hired jet can be. Many hardworking professionals have denied themselves the pleasure of riding in a chartered plane for fear that it would be unaffordable. The surprising truth is that many jet charters are very affordable. For someone who has worked hard for years, a chartered jet ride can be a gift that they will never forget. It’s an especially touching gift for those big milestones such as a promotion or a 60th or 70th birthday.

We’ve designed this site to make it easy for you to rapidly find deals on air charter service for over 5,000 different types of aircraft. Don’t worry about the location; with over 1,000,000 destinations worldwide, there’s almost no limit to the places where you can go. Depending on the size of the jet you charter, you can schedule a simple regional tour or a transatlantic journey. The only limitation is your imagination.

Perhaps one of the most surprising realities of private jet charter service is how quickly it can be set into motion. If you want to surprise a spouse, a boss or a colleague with a chartered jet ride, the arrangements can be made almost immediately. All you have to do is select the provider that meets your needs. Once you’ve found an ideal service, the logistics of travel are handled by a personal account manager. Should plans change, it’s easy to make new arrangements.

For those unforgettable moments in life, everyone deserves to be spoiled. With this site, it’s easy to find a way to spoil someone while staying on budget.

Government officials, royalty, and celebrities frequently require a high degree of security and privacy when traveling. Private jet charter makes it possible to keep VIPs on schedule without compromising their safety. This site allows those booking travel to compare rates between reputable private jet charter services. Our listings are updated in real-time to reflect last-minute offerings, including empty legs and other special chartered rates.

Over 5,000 Types of Aircraft

Those who are familiar with travel booking for VIPs know the difference between a 5 seat prop-plane and a jumbo 102 passenger luxury jet. Our comprehensive network of service providers has over 5,000 types of aircraft for you to choose from. Whether you need a helicopter, air taxi, special jet or other type of airliner, one of our service providers is almost guaranteed to have one waiting and at the ready for transport.

Flexibility and Fast Service

The art of private jet hire is as much about the operation of the aircraft as it is the flexibility of the personnel. VIPs and other officials understand the value of time. They are often scheduled or over scheduled right down to the second. Air charter services enable VIPs to make the most of their itinerary without wasting unnecessary amounts of time waiting at airports or standing in line waiting to pass through security. Private air charter works with, and not against, the needs of your schedule.

Each of the account managers affiliated with our air charter services have been trained to provide the fastest and most courteous service in the industry. Each company understands that plans are made to be broken, and builds in contingencies to help you get where you need to go, regardless of whatever last-minute changes or unavoidable obstacles have been placed in your path. Search our site for more details.

Compare Private Jet Charter Prices

Not all aircraft are created equally. Some jets, while perfectly acceptable for a certain class of customer, lack the elegant wood paneling and sumptuous leather upholstery that defines a luxury jet. When VIPs take to the skies, they’re not looking for an average experience—they only want the best.

Luckily, this comparison site enables you to quickly locate air charter services that can provide you with a fully equipped luxury jet. With over 1,000,000 destinations worldwide, VIPs can enjoy a world-class level of comfort regardless of where they may be headed. In many cases, VIPs travel with their full staff or entourage. Several specially outfitted luxury jets with passenger seating of up to 102 people are available for privately scheduled flights. However, for those more intimate trips, luxury jets that seat only 5 people are also available for hire.

Unlike conventional aircraft, private jets have greater leeway both in terms of where they fly, when they fly, and their boarding times. Instead of spending hours waiting at a congested airport terminal, VIPs can board their privately chartered jet in a fraction of the time at a small, regional airport. All jets are fully secure and follow all safety procedures prior to passenger boarding.

The price for each jet varies depending not only on the total size of the jet but also the destination and the scheduled departure time. Our service has been designed to fit into the busy and often hectic schedules of VIPs. We understand that scheduling can often be the most difficult aspect of booking travel, especially for someone who has engagements around the world. Our site allows you to quickly browse a variety of offerings from the top private jet charter services in the UK. Stop flying the conventional way, and start enjoying luxurious travel today.

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Compare prices and availability
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7000+ aircraft available worldwide
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Quick and easy online booking
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